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24-Hour Social Media Fundraisers: The New Frontier Of Fundraising

By August 7, 2020December 15th, 2020No Comments

As Election Day quickly approaches, many campaigns are seeking methods to boost their campaign funds. The “24-hour fundraiser” is an innovative, fast, and creative method to reach fundraising goals – especially during this unique election cycle when many in-person fundraising ideas have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These fundraisers draw campaign supporters and contributors –  with a call to action via email or social media – urging them for their support. Here are some qualities that a 24-hour campaign can bring to your campaign:

Creative Content 

A successful fundraiser must first include creative and attention-grabbing material that is sent to constituents and potential donors. In order to engage readers, content and graphics should be fresh, new, and appealing to the eye – while simultaneously conveying the message and ideals of the campaign. Creative content and graphics can be the difference between a successful 24-hour fundraiser and one that doesn’t meet its goal. Creative and individualized content also shows the target audience that the campaign not only cares about, but understands its community. It is also important to rotate content and keep messaging short so donors quickly understand the call to action.

Boost in Donor Philanthropy

The goal of a 24-hour fundraiser is to raise funds quickly, usually to hit a goal near the end of financial reporting periods. It’s crucial to set a goal and continually remind supporters of that milestone. Whether by social media posts, or update emails, showing real-time fundraising progress might spur others to donate in order to reach, or even surpass, your end goal. If successfully executed, 24-hour fundraisers can raise significant funding for campaigns in a short period of time. 

Community Awareness of Campaign

Besides raising funds for campaigns, 24-hour fundraisers can also garner important name recognition for the candidate and his or her platform. By using individualized messages to constituents incorporating key positions and messaging, the campaign reaches a broader set of potential supporters and voters. 

Together, these steps can create a successful 24-hour fundraiser. Not only will this benefit the campaign by bringing in needed donations, but also by raising awareness of the campaign’s key messaging – leading to increased recognition at the polls come Election Day.

This year, Sinclair Public Affairs has successfully executed numerous 24-hour fundraisers for our political candidate clients. If you are interested in updating your fundraising efforts, our trained staff at Sinclair is here to help. Contact Sinclair Public Affairs at

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