Sinclair Public Affairs is a Trusted Advisor

We have the experience, connections, and know-how to manage image, reputation, and public perception. We thrive where corporate, individual, and political interests intersect.

What We Do

Public Affairs

We understand relationships and perception and successfully leverage both to position our clients as leaders and frontrunners by enlarging their spheres of influence in government, business, and in the public eye.

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Crisis Management

In an age when the 24-hour news cycle and social media can instantaneously join forces to destroy reputations, bottom lines, and sway opinion, Sinclair combines technology, messaging, and relationships to rebuild reputations and shift momentum.

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Integrated Situation Management

We help clients successfully realize targeted outcomes – whether by restoring credibility and visibility, successfully winning a public issue or campaign initiative, or simply staying on the right track. If you want something to go viral, go away, or never appear on the radar, we know what to say, where to say it, and who to call.

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Public Issue / Campaign Management

Moving public opinion requires carefully considered strategies that start with the end in mind. We use data, technology, digital and traditional media, and relationships to disseminate effective communication strategies that win.

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Media Relations

Placing your message in front of the right people requires getting published by reputable sources. Sinclair connects clients to our network of key media outlets and representatives for maximum, credible exposure.

We Have You Covered

How We Do It

Branding / Messaging

Your brand reputation determines your success in the public sphere. We develop brand narratives that consider target audience perception and motivation, and ensure that the most compelling story is the one that you tell.


We have been carefully building and tending to key relationships for over 25 years in order to make critical connections for our clients. Our extensive network includes strong relationships with the press, legislators, and key decision-makers and influencers at local, regional, and state levels.

Digital Media

Digital media allows brand messaging strategies to deploy to every target market imaginable. We use multi-media strategies including social media marketing, email campaigns, mobile strategies, online advertising, and engaging websites to help you reach your goals.

Traditional Media

We know how to leverage traditional media channels including direct mail, radio and TV advertising, print advertising, press releases, and other earned media opportunities to effectively deliver messages to achieve optimal results.

About Us

Sinclair Public Affairs is a North Carolina-based advisory firm specializing in crisis and issue management, campaign management, and public affairs strategy. We were founded by Chris Sinclair, a leading strategist who has been active in influencing policy and public affairs in North Carolina for over 20 years.

Chris, formerly a co-founder of Cornerstone Solutions – a political and issue/campaign advocacy firm, wanted to expand focus areas beyond politics to corporations, brands and individuals operating in the public sphere.

Sinclair Public Affairs in Action

We Pride Ourselves in Our Work