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Campaign / Issue Management

Kentucky Credit
Union Case Study


In January 2019, our team at Sinclair Public Affairs began a branding campaign with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in Kentucky. The goal was to establish the Kentucky Credit Union League as a trusted partner with the state.

Our team worked diligently and alongside representatives from the Kentucky Credit Union League and CUNA to create and execute a branding campaign.

The campaign aimed to:

1. Establish a recognizable brand
2. Enhance good will with the state
3. Pass House Bill 139

House Bill 139 would establish the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission, and require a financial literacy course for Kentucky high school students, which would teach them about and personal finance management.

Kentucky Credit Union Branding Campaign

Kentucky Credit Union

Branding Campaign, Logo, Website, Social Media, Digital Ads

House Bill 139

Passed Unanimously



In a concerted effort with the Kentucky Credit Union League and CUNA’s political operations team, our team designed and implemented a branding campaign for the Kentucky Credit Union League that would make the entity recognizable throughout the state, improving its reputation and reach.


The logo and tagline were utilized on all print and digital materials.

Social Media

In addition, Sinclair developed an aggressive social media campaign, utilizing branded Facebook and Twitter accounts to reach both legislators and the public. The accounts ensured the Kentucky Credit Union League stayed in front of both policy makers and residents, which was vital in building support both for the credit unions as a whole and HB 139, which passed unanimously just two months after it was introduced.

Landing Page

The landing page highlighted credit unions’ impact and how they move the state forward through:

  • Jobs
  • Tax revenues
  • Education/Financial literacy


The landing page featured several videos – including a longer video that effectively conveyed what sets credit unions apart from banks and placed a focus on their commitment to serving Kentucky residents. Other videos included testimonials from credit union employees, along with residents who benefitted from using a credit union through the campaign MyCreditUnionStory.

Print Materials

The campaign included print materials, which thanked sponsors of House Bill 139 and raised awareness around the financial literacy bill. These pieces were sent to the districts of 39 legislators including sponsors and lead supporters of the bill.

Digital Ads

We targeted legislators with digital ads that highlighted HB 139 and the positive impacts of credit unions in Kentucky, and ran a ‘Thank You’ ad on The State Journal’s website.


Sinclair continues to supplement the Kentucky Credit Union League social media today, posting testimonials, stories about credit unions, and updates on positive work they are doing in the community.

We are in the process of starting a new project with the credit unions to accomplish our overall goal – cementing their brand as a trusted partner with the state of Kentucky.

Final Outcome

After being introduced in January, House Bill 139 passed unanimously (98-0) and was signed into law in March 2019. Its passing will ensure Kentucky students learn vital financial knowledge and set the foundation for the state to have a brighter financial future.

Throughout the legislative process, the Kentucky Credit Union League worked closely with the Kentucky Treasurer to accomplish its goal. Coalition building also played a vital role in the bill’s passing, along with the credit unions’ ability – with our help – to leverage resources such as media, legislative relationships, etc.

The bill’s passing was a critical step in the further exposure and branding of credit unions in Kentucky. Credit unions backed the bill, and they were highlighted in media coverage about both the bill and its passing.

Designed with help from Kentucky Credit Union League and CUNA leaders, our aggressive and multifaceted campaign – using both traditional and digital media – succeeded in building public trust in credit unions and gathering support for a bill that would create a better financial environment for Kentucky.

“Our team had two main goals – make the Kentucky Credit Union League a recognizable name and trusted partner in Kentucky, and pass House Bill 139, both of which we succeeded in doing.” said Chris Sinclair, Founder of Sinclair Public Affairs. “In just two months, we made a multi-pronged plan, implemented it, and accomplished part of our overall goal which we continue to work towards. This wouldn’t have been possible without our cooperation with officials from both the Kentucky Credit Union League and CUNA.”

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