Media RelationsPublic Affairs
July 10, 2019

Three Ways to Break Through the Noise

Everybody has a story to tell, but our team at Sinclair can ensure yours is heard loud and clear above the others.   Social Media Social networks – particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – are vital to telling stories in today’s tech-centric society. At Sinclair, we can help you establish a presence on these platforms to spread your message and build your…
BrandingCase Studies
July 3, 2019

CASE STUDY: Kentucky Credit Union League

In January, Sinclair hit the ground running with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in Kentucky to accomplish two main goals: to establish a brand for the Kentucky Credit Union League and to help pass House Bill 139 – the "financial literacy bill."   The bill would require a financial literacy class for Kentucky high school students, while boosting the…
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June 26, 2019

How Sinclair Can Be Your Solution

At Sinclair, we can help you accomplish your goals, no matter what they may be. We do this through – media relations, issue management, branding, crisis communications and public affairs. Media Relations Through decades of work, we’ve cultivated relationships with the media that have enabled us to effectively tell our clients’ stories. We understand that news still matters, and that…
Campaign/Issue ManagementCase Studies
June 19, 2019

CASE STUDY: Marsy’s Law for NC

Sinclair began working with Marsy's Law for NC in 2017 with two major goals – placing the issue on the ballot and garnering voter approval in the 2018 election.   Marsy’s Law would amend the state constitution to provide an equal level of constitutional protection to victims of crime that is already afforded to the accused and convicted. Along the…
Media RelationsPublic Affairs
June 11, 2019

4 Ways PR and Journalism Are Similar (And Work Together)

Before joining Sinclair as Communications Director, I spent nearly two years as a reporter at a daily newspaper. What have I learned? The two worlds aren't all that different.   Telling a Story Both journalism and public affairs are all about one thing – telling compelling stories. The main difference is that consulting firms like ourselves work for clients, while…
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June 6, 2019

The Power of the Press Release

As a former reporter, I saw a myriad of press releases each day. Many served to clutter my inbox, but others piqued my interest.   Straight to the Point For me to open an email, the press release needed a good subject line. A good subject line gives the news and relevant information in a concise manner. The subject line is…