Campaign/Issue Management
May 15, 2019

Hitting the Mark: Foundations of a Successful Campaign

Running for election? Pushing a ballot measure? Looking to expand reach? This can all be done through a dynamic campaign. To be successful, plan everything – the goal, message, delivery, and analysis. Goal First, you’ll need to know what you want to accomplish through the campaign. If it’s an election, the answer is simple – you want to win. But…
Crisis ManagementMedia Relations
May 8, 2019

Rapid Response: Dealing with the early stage of a crisis

A crisis has hit your business or company. What do you do now? Your decisions early on can affect the whole process. Make a Plan First, don’t freak out. Crises come in varying levels of seriousness, but most can be managed if approached in the correct manner. It’s vital to have a plan – if you think proactively, you may…
Crisis ManagementMedia RelationsPublic Affairs
May 2, 2019

What is Public Affairs?

Public Affairs is more than just part of our company name, so it's important to understand exactly what that encompasses. There's many aspects to public affairs but it boils down to two – building relationships and managing perception.   Building Relationships Relationships are at the center of all things public affairs, whether it’s with your audience, the media or potential…
April 17, 2019

Quick Tips for Owning Social Media

Social media isn't going away, but it is changing every day. As new platforms gain popularity and new trends emerge, it can be difficult to know what's best for your business' online presence. 1. Be Authentic Some have always been skeptics of social media; other users became wary of how they used various platforms after stories of data misuse in…
April 10, 2019

On Paper: The Importance of Print Materials in the Digital Age

In a world dominated by screens, digital platforms have become an integral part of delivering a message and operating a campaign. Digital and TV advertisements reach wide audiences and messages can be carefully targeted like never before. But it's critical to understand the continued importance of print materials – direct mailers, palm cards, yard signs – which successfully delivered narratives…
April 5, 2019

News Never Sleeps: How Social Media Changed the Game

Before social media rose in popularity, news primarily came from two mediums – print newspapers and TV news. The news cycle, for the most part, followed a strict schedule based on time slots and deadlines. But that changed with the explosion of social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Move Over Print and TV It’s common in our tech-heavy society for…
Media Relations
March 28, 2019

Media Relations: Dos & Don’ts

Whether you’re responding to a crisis or pitching a story, dealing with media is an integral part of public affairs. Media relations is vital to the success of your messaging, which makes it important to get it right.   Contact List    A vital part of media relations is the contact list – this is where you store the reporters…
Media Relations
March 18, 2019

Pitch Perfect: Keys to Pitching Stories to Reporters

Pitch Perfect: Keys to Pitching Stories to Reporters You’ve developed and perfectly crafted your message. Now what? To reach a broad audience with your message effectively, you will likely have to pitch your story to a newspaper. It seems simple, but breaking through the noise can be difficult. As a former reporter, I read countless press releases each day and…
March 11, 2019

Sinclair Hires Communications Director

North Carolina Public Affairs Firm Hires Communications Director   RALEIGH, NC (March 11, 2019) -- Sinclair Public Affairs is proud to announce the hire of Noah Grant, who joins the North Carolina-based public affairs firm as communications director. In this role, Grant will specialize in media relations, content creation, and writing for different mediums. “I’m excited to join the team…