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Campaign Management

Real Estate and Development Case Study

At Sinclair Public Affairs, we do more than just social media and reputation management- we strive to shape reliable outcomes and affect tangible change.

Our firm’s vision is rooted in the belief that organizations, individuals and businesses hold the power to produce real change in their communities and beyond.


Sinclair Public Affairs strives to affect tangible change by leveraging our ties with various real estate, housing and development associations on both regional and national scales.

The SPA team often works alongside various state-specific REALTORⓇ associations, development firms and awareness campaigns with the intent of helping their communities as they face issues like growth, affordable housing and regulatory shifts.

Our firm has been at the forefront of helping these connected industries continue to strengthen economies, grow communities, find affordable housing solutions and protect property rights.

Sinclair PA understands that the clients you choose to represent are a direct reflection of the change you want to see in this world, and therefore, we work alongside organizations and campaigns that uphold the firm’s core mission and vision. 

Citizens Supporting Raleigh

The Raleigh Affordable Housing Bond

Vote Yes, Raleigh!

Charlotte Real Estate & Building Industry Coalition

Let’s Get it Right, Charlotte

Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan





The ‘Vote Yes, Raleigh!’ campaign was created in support of the Raleigh Affordable Housing Bond, which was intended to fund critically-needed housing opportunities for Wake County residents with limited incomes. This $80 million bond, voted on by Raleigh citizens on Nov. 3, 2020, passed with an overwhelming 71 % of the vote. The ‘Vote Yes, Raleigh!’ campaign’s strategic digital and earned media communications outreach played an essential role in the bond’s passing. Check out Sinclair’s Affordable Housing Bond case study to learn more! 

Digital Outreach

Sinclair Public Affairs helped develop a plan that worked – by reaching and resonating with local Raleigh voters. Starting with an effective message for voters about housing options that are affordable, safe, accessible to transportation hubs, and available to essential workers, the Sinclair PA team created a website that connected voters via direct mail, digital advertising and targeted social media.

Print Materials

The Sinclair team designed and distributed two pieces of mail to high performing voters meeting certain demographic and target market parameters. Overall, the two mailers were distributed to nearly 40,000 households in the city of Raleigh.

Digital Materials

In September 2020, the team created the campaign website – – which included current activities and images from the campaign. The site included testimonies and endorsements from key city leaders, information about bond funding and outlined the plan for affordable housing over the next five years.

Sinclair designed a series of advertisements that aired on local radio stations, digital newsletters and newspapers.

Final Outcome

The campaign proved a resounding success – 73% of Raleigh voters cast their ballots in favor of the Affordable Housing Bond. The bond was the largest affordable housing investment in the city in over two decades.

The result: the final vote included more than 70% of a city-wide yes vote, meaning the campaign was successful in reaching voters and compelling them to support the bond. This is an important marker for Raleigh as it continues to grow and is recognized as a premier regional city for families, employers and all of its citizens.

Sinclair Public Affairs received a Marcom Honorable Mention in the website copy category. For more information about Sinclair’s award-winning work in 2020, read the blog here.

Sinclair Public Affairs has worked on numerous successful ballot initiatives, both local and statewide. Read more about Sinclair’s ballot initiative work through Marsy’s Law case study or the Connect NC case study.

Charlotte Real Estate

& Building Industry



Earlier this year, the Real Estate & Building Industry Coalition (REBIC) partnered with the Sinclair PA team to lead a thoughtful and strategic media push in opposition to the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The plan was unveiled amid the COVID-19 pandemic and raised concern regarding the lack of both citizen awareness and input, as well as the plan’s projected effects on Charlotte’s affordable housing access.

The “Let’s Get it Right, CLT” (LGIRC) campaign intended to help REBIC raise public awareness and encourage the Charlotte City Council to make significant changes to the plan prior to its adoption. Through strategic digital and earned media efforts, the first phase of the LGIRC campaign ultimately guaranteed REBIC’s involvement in the future drafting of the city’s proposed unified development ordinance (UDO) and zoning maps. The campaign website, along with a targeted video ad, won Sinclair PA both a Platinum and Gold 2021 DotComm award. 

Digital Outreach

The Sinclair PA team executed all digital outreach in-house, including the campaign’s Platinum DotComm award-winning website. In addition to the website, the team implemented a strategic social media outreach effort focused on garnering citizen support and awareness. Calls to action included urging citizens to sign the petition, contact their local officials, and to learn more about the issue which helped promote awareness and activism. Three targeted video ads were used to raise public awareness- with the Charlotte Unique Video Ad winning the Gold DotComm award. 


Earned Media Outreach

The Sinclair team facilitated strategic earned media outreach, including the distribution of timely press releases to various publications throughout the Charlotte Mecklenburg area. Sinclair PA also organized the strategic placement of campaign yard signs around Charlotte, aimed at drawing awareness to the comprehensive plan and the issues it posed to the city. These communication efforts were intended to ensure campaign visibility for Charlotte residents who may not use social media or the internet. 

Final Outcome

The Sinclair Public Affairs vision is rooted in the belief that organizations, individuals and businesses hold the power to produce real change in their communities and beyond. Partnering with real estate and development clients is a way for that vision to shine through in our work. Leveraging our ties with real estate, housing and development associations places us at the forefront of these industries, helping to develop economies, grow communities and find strategic solutions to community-specific issues, all while shaping reliable outcomes and affecting tangible change.

North Carolina REALTORSⓇ

South Carolina REALTORSⓇ

Final Outcome

REALTORⓇ associations are committed to protecting property rights for all people, specifically through their endorsements of political candidates that stand to fight and strengthened  if elected. Both NCR and SCR have sought the help of Sinclair to help them navigate Independent Expenditure (IE) campaigns for candidates from both parties that are devoted to protecting property rights, and encouraging business growth for their respective districts. Check out some of our previous IE work with the South Carolina REALTORSⓇ here.  

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