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Advancing Communities

Sinclair PA was hired by the Credit Unions National Association (CUNA) to help the organization develop a way to talk about the true value of credit unions across the country, in urban and rural communities. The Association needed to find out from the public and industry members how credit unions measured up against competing financial institutions. They needed a series of targeted messages that they could use to address the need, value and importance of credit unions, and their critical role in the economy, and in people’s lives— to tell their story.

In collaboration with a national team,

Sinclair PA worked to develop a research program, including extensive quantitative and qualitative research throughout the country. With the data in hand, our team helped develop a targeted messaging campaign and initiative that launched in 2020.

The result was a multipronged effort in which credit unions need to distinguish themselves from banking institutions both to solidify community relationships and to help maintain non-profit status in legislation. While it was necessary to differentiate between for-profit banks and nonprofit credit unions, a positive relationship between the two was also needed, making careful and strategic messaging even more important.

The Advancing Communities Campaign Deliverables Included...

  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Key messaging for campaign communications
  • Advancing Communities website creation

Project Outcome


Advancing Communities is an ongoing national campaign, encompassing all 50 states, with strategically targeted campaign states. In campaign states, key credit union leagues were identified for the development of strategic messaging based around pertinent, timely issues. Messaging focused on establishing the local credit union impact on small businesses, rural communities and underserved populations. Additional efforts in Arkansas, a campaign state, led to legislative support for anti-elder abuse regulations, with a campaign focused on financial abuse awareness and prevention.