Wake County & Raleigh’s 2022 Bond Referenda

Schools, Parks & Community Colleges


  • Citizens Supporting Raleigh
  • Friends of Wake County
  • Wake Tech Workforce Forward



Awards & Mentions

  • All bonds passed with a margin of over 69%


  • Branding Campaign
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Paid and Earned Media
  • Direct Mail

A Growing Community

As election cycles come and go, municipal races are arguably the most impactful races with the direct link they have to local communities. This past years municipal cycle rivaled big races. 

Although each bond speaks for itself, all three faced similar challenges due to the economic uncertainty of 2022- and a dynamic municipal election. Starting in June, the Sinclair PA team quickly realized these campaigns weren’t going to be like years past, and would require new tactics and creative ways to drown out the noise and engage both Raleigh and Wake County citizens to vote yes and…

  • Expand the greenway system and build new community facilities
  • Renovate existing parks, greenway trails and activity centers
  • Allow the construction of four new schools
  • Fund much needed air conditioning and heating replacements
  • Help fund safety and security upgrades across the county
  • Provide job opportunities for those of all ages in our community
  • Create a skilled workforce, which helps grow and strengthen our economy

A Ballot,

And Election Year,

Like No Other.

Our Strategy

  • Create three individual landing pages with distinct key messaging
  • Build awareness through social media about the upcoming election and bond referenda
  • Reach voters across Wake County & the City of Raleigh, via digital and local advertising efforts

Stepping outside the box became critical.

In the early fall, the campaign team debuted three landing pages, with the hopes of providing voters and organizations needed information and details about the bonds, and the potential impact they would have across the City of Raleigh and Wake County.


As the campaign progressed, it became evident that traditional voter outreach tactics weren’t matching up to the noisy election. The Sinclair team had to step outside the box and explore non-traditional, creative ways to enhance these standard campaigns, while emphasizing the tremendous need for these investments. 

Sinclair PA helped develop a plan that worked – by reaching and resonating with local Raleigh voters. Starting with an effective message for voters about housing options the team created a website that connected voters via direct mail, digital advertising and targeted social media. The outreach helped define housing options that were:

Websites Built to Captivate

The bond campaign's proved a resounding success – with over 69% of Wake County & Raleigh citizens voting yes to invest in their communities.

The three bonds represented an unprecedented investment in city and county history.