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Triangle Multiple Listing Service

As a part of ongoing work with the Triangle Multiple Listing Service (TMLS), Sinclair PA partnered with Deb Sofield, award-winning speaker and media trainer, to conduct a media training session. After identifying key spokespersons within the organization, Sinclair PA put together a strategic key messaging guide to help shape the voice of the organization, aligning with its values and mission, and ensuring consistent communications from all parties. 

The session included a full-day session with selected individuals, exploring the media landscape surrounding their industry and trends to be aware of. Session content focused on potential pain points in the media and crisis scenarios as well as general messaging.

Strategies and Tactics

The media training session was based on TMLS’s key messages and how they align with the organization’s mission, and how that impacts key stakeholders. Key spokespersons were identified within the organization and then coached on how to deliver these messages in various media settings, including on-camera interviews, as well as best practices for communicating with the media.

Making the Most of the Media

By the end of the session, TMLS spokespersons were more confident in their ability to deliver the organization’s messages and handle difficult questions with ease.

Since the session, TMLS has been able to implement the strategies crafted during training and improve the overall approach to communicating with the media. By highlighting and preparing a number of spokespersons within the organization, TMLS has been able to diversify its voice in the media, aiding in credibility and ensuring that they are better prepared to deal with media requests at any point in time.

It’s important for any organization to not only know what they want to say, but how to say it effectively and consistently. Through the creation of key messaging and a crisis communications plan, TMLS was able to hone in on its messaging and ensure its alignment with the organizational mission and values, and then make sure that they knew how to communicate that effectively.

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