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Congratulations, Sinclair Candidates!

By December 3, 2020February 16th, 2023No Comments

The Sinclair Public Affairs team would like to congratulate two of our legislative candidates, Senator-elect Lisa Stone Barnes of District 11 and Representative John Szoka of District 45 as well as the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and partners who were the team behind the city-wide affordable housing bond – the Citizens Supporting Raleigh committee.   These three Sinclair PA clients won on Nov. 3 and we are honored to have worked with each one.   

This election cycle was unlike any other- with unprecedented calls for absentee ballots, record-breaking early votes cast, and new maps drawn in North Carolina – but our candidates, and the bond campaign worked closely with our team to adjust quickly – enabling all of them to focus on what was most important: serving their constituents in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak with relief packages, communicating services available and explaining the critical need for an affordable housing bond to Raleigh’s voters.  

NC Sen. Elect Lisa Stone Barnes 

The Sinclair PA team has worked with Sen. elect Barnes since her first run as county commissioner in 2013 and all of her campaigns for the legislature- and we are honored to continue to serve such a hard-working leader. Born and raised in Nash County on a farm, she currently works alongside her husband on their sweet potato farm when she is not hard at work in the General Assembly, where she currently serves as a state House Representative. After a successful election, with almost 60% of the vote in her district, Lisa Barnes will be serving her first term in the NC Senate.   

The Sinclair team looks forward to working with Sen. Barnes as she serves in the NC Senate – helping continue her important constituent-based service through various communications that include general consulting, digital media, direct mail, email, social media strategy, and various other tools that will keep her connected to her constituents.  

NC Rep. John Szoka 

A career army veteran, local businessman, and incumbent Rep. Szoka was reelected in a newly-drawn district outside of Fayetteville in Cumberland County. During his time in the NC House, Rep. Szoka has championed bills for education funding, veteran assistance, independent energy and sustainable environment practices. After a competitive election, Rep. Szoka was declared the winner with over 50% of the vote. Rep. Szoka was selected in the leadership position of Conference Chair in the NC House for his upcoming term.  

The Sinclair team was honored to work for Rep. Szoka to develop a strategic communication and campaign plan that included general consulting, digital media and advertising, direct mail, email, social media strategy, print advertising and fundraising efforts.   

Raleigh Affordable Housing Bond 

This year, the City of Raleigh put forth an $80 million affordable housing bond initiative on the ballot. The Sinclair team worked alongside the Citizens Supporting Raleigh committee to increase awareness for affordable housing needs and support for the bond. We worked with the committee to develop a website, email strategy, video campaign, social media, direct mail and fundraising efforts for the bond. After a successful campaign, the bond passed with nearly 72% of the vote.  

We would like to congratulate our two candidates as well as the entire Citizens Supporting Raleigh committee on their hard work this year.  This campaign season demonstrated the dedication of candidates and committee members to their constituencies – and we commend the continued hard work of all of our local, state and federal leaders as they begin their tenure and proceed with the bond initiative in the year ahead.  

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