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Our first taste of the 2024 General Election season is over, whew! So what comes next? The days and months between Super Tuesday and the start of summer are, arguably, the quietest days of a major election year at least for those who aren’t gearing up for round two in November. 

While the noise starts to die and those unskippable political ads between episodes of “Love is Blind” begin to lessen, we find ourselves in this weird void waiting for the next attack ad to debut louder than before. 

As we sit in this period, let’s recap a few things we saw…

  • Connecting with voters has taken on another meaning: Whether it be through old-fashioned door-knocking, through the mailbox, or on social media, connecting with voters is taking on a new meaning. Having unique messages that make your campaign stand out is key to capturing voters’ attention and starting the conversation with them. Targeted follow-up is becoming even more critical to stay in front of voters.
  • Standing out from the competition: Many candidates faced a longer-than-usual list of opponents, leading to a handful of unexpected upsets and run-off elections. This unique landscape pushed many candidates outside their comfort zone, allowing many to bypass go-to methods to stand out and get in front of their voter base. 
  • Voters are already tired: Following the research done at the end of 2023, voters continue to express that they’re overwhelmed and disinterested in the upcoming political cycle. Voter turnout is a growing worry as November approaches and will require campaigns to rethink how they enforce their “Get Out The Vote” message and the medium through which they convey it. Capturing attention and reaching voters with new and unique messages will be critical – as voter turnout depends on it. 

As November approaches, all eyes are on North Carolina. These crucial months are not just for campaigns but for organizations and stakeholders alike to revamp traditional outreach methods.

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