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Looking toward campaign season

By September 26, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

Summer has officially come to an end and we’re starting to settle into a fall frame of mind – back to school, football season and eventually, (maybe even in NC!), some cooler weather.  For folks who work in the political world it also means campaign season is in full swing.  

While still weeks away, many voters are already seeing the telltale signs of this year’s midterm elections that will set the tone for the general election in two short years. While often considered a slower election cycle, midterms still hold incredible importance for local, state and national offices. This year includes newly drawn districts in state and congressional races, making it an added challenge to reach voters who may not realize their representation has shifted. 

It also means voters get a steady diet of campaign content on a daily basis with ads, articles and yard signs ahead of November 8. And for our team at Sinclair PA, that also means a busy season – with lots of hustle and bustle in our offices and around the state for our clients involved in the election – either as part of a campaign committee or candidates themselves.  

Because the behind-the-scenes work we do starts weeks and sometimes months ahead of November, we’re hitting peak season – working with committees on two important local bond campaigns that will help Raleigh’s Parks and Wake County schools to grow along with our rapidly growing communities.  

We’re also working on projects with our association clients to promote their critical industry-related issues, so that voters better understand the policies that impact them directly on election day. There is so much competition to get messages delivered in a clear manner, especially with social and digital platforms driving voter awareness of different issues, we have incorporated new, modern tools including texting, targeted mail and traditional methods like social media pages and issue-based websites to make sure we can reach voters.  

What I enjoy the most about political season is that it’s constantly changing – the technology, methods of communication and of course, the issues. There truly is never a dull moment when working with campaigns. Stay tuned for samples of our work as we take on different issues and types of campaigns and use just about every tool possible to get our work delivered. November 8th will be here before we know it!

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