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The Benefits of Virtual Communication

By October 1, 2020February 16th, 2023No Comments

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a steady rise in remote and work-from-home employees. Although the pandemic has caused unprecedented hardships across the nation- many companies and organizations are also beginning to realize the benefits of this unexpected transition. Not only is it less expensive to operate remotely, but most are finding that business can often run just as smoothly from the comfort of one’s home. In turn, both public affairs and public relations agencies have turned to virtual communication for corporate and political clients alike. 

Virtual town hall meetings are one of these forced byproducts of the pandemic proving to be very successful, and will most likely stick around. Here’s why: 


Virtual town hall meetings remove most of the traditional barriers that these events used to face in the pre- Zoom era. In person  town hall meetings were costly, difficult to manage, and oftentimes stressful. 

When executed virtually, meetings are far more cost effective, can be accessed from nearly anywhere, and removes the need to find a babysitter! There is also no need to worry about providing food, accommodation, travel or venue. 


Virtual town halls provide a regular platform for communication between employees and management- but also between politicians and their constituents. This 2020 election cycle has forced traditional campaign tactics to go digital, as politicians attempt to reach voters amid pandemic guidelines. 

That’s why online meetings are an invaluable tool right now- as they allow for interactive components like Q&As, feedback, polling, and screen sharing. These tools maximize efficiency and encourage participation among an audience. For political campaigns- these functions allow for personal interaction between candidates and constituents despite not being able to hold in-person events. 

Feedback and Analytics 

One of the biggest benefits of virtual town hall meetings is gathering meeting/attendee analytics and collecting audience feedback. This can help assess the overall effectiveness and sentiment, while allowing companies or campaigns to make informed decisions about the next meeting.     

This year, Sinclair Public Affairs has successfully executed numerous virtual meetings for both our political and corporate clients. If you are interested in hosting a virtual town hall, or updating your campaign efforts, our trained staff at Sinclair is here to help. Contact Sinclair Public Affairs at [email protected].

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