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What You Need To Know Before Reopening Your Business.

By March 30, 2021February 16th, 2023No Comments

Blog 1 in the Emerging From COVID-19 series

COVID-19, quarantining, social distancing, virtual learning and all things Zoom have dominated the public narrative for the last year. The pandemic has changed the way society operates on a global scale- to the point where people can’t imagine mingling in a crowd without a mask on, or remember a time when remote working wasn’t the norm. 

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine presents a real possibility for a return to normalcy- one that the United States hasn’t seen since in over a year. This shift brings many questions regarding how society will operate from here on out- particularly in the business sphere.  

Be sure to review your local and state government mandates regarding social distancing, mask wearing, etc. Have a plan- and remember, these can change at any time so be ready to adapt.

Many workplaces, ours included, have begun serious internal discussions about the best ways to get back to in-person meetings – together and with clients – in the months ahead.  We’ll be sharing some of our observations – good and bad – as we start this process along with the rest of the business community in the weeks and months ahead. 

We recommend remaining vigilant on the legislation, guidelines and vaccine plans at your state and local levels. Here are some additional resources to monitor as you weigh the pros and cons for your business to reopen:

There are a lot that remains to be seen as we see countries, states and municipalities reopen. Like all topics involving people’s health and livelihood, there are many stakeholders, influencers and messages that need to be carefully weighed before moving forward with a communications and reopening plan. 

Stay tuned as we tackle tough topics, like…

Is WFH here to stay?

What will social media look like post-pandemic?

How to avoid a crisis, and communicate while reopening.

… and more! 

Sinclair Public Affairs will be posting a five part blog series highlighting the best practices and changes of businesses as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember to subscribe for the latest updates!

If your business needs help navigating communication efforts during this time, our staff at Sinclair Public Affairs is here to help. Contact Sinclair Public Affairs at [email protected]

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