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How the South Carolina Association of REALTORSⓇ ensured their messages stood out during an unprecedented election season

Successful independent expenditure campaigns don’t have to be negative in nature, or funded by dark money groups to help our clients’ campaigns stand out. Sinclair transforms this negative perception by disseminating positive media that focuses on what candidates have done for their constituents- highlighting specific and important voter interests.  

This strategic and positively focused approach to traditional independent expenditure (IE) campaigns is why the South Carolina Association of REALTORSⓇ chose Sinclair PA to facilitate its IE campaign in key races and ballot initiatives across the state. 

SC REALTORSⓇ strategically chose to participate in the 2020 General Election to ensure their messages of affordable housing access, economic recovery, and job and small business growth stood out during the busy 2020 campaign season. Their goal was to shape perception by sharing accomplishments that support SC REALTORSⓇ initiatives, highlight relevant voter interests, and encourage voter participation- both in person and absentee. 

The 2020 General Election cycle was unlike any previous election season – and the REALTORSⓇ relied solely on strategy and positive narratives to target a handful of key races, including SC state Senate candidate, Chip Campsen who won his 2020 General Election race. 

As campaign efforts turned completely digital amplified by COVID-19, peer-peer texting was crucial for the success of SC REALTORSⓇ 2020 General Election expenditure campaigns. The use of peer-peer texting alongside direct mail and other traditional earned media efforts proved a highly effective tactic, that allowed for timely reminders and points of interest throughout the season.

Examples of peer-peer texting sent on behalf of Chip Campsen

Direct Mail proved, yet again, to be a crucial tool in this expenditure campaign. For state Senator incumbent Chip Campsen, the SC REALTORS® aimed to use direct mail to highlight his dedication to property rights, as well as his interest in conserving the coastal environment of the SC low country. This messaging was instrumental for his senate win, garnering him 60% of the votes. 

Examples of Chip Campsen’s Direct Mail

While IE campaign strategies and tactics need to remain flexible, one factor never wavers. Sinclair PA always represents our clients and their chosen candidates with positive and supportive messaging – to elicit substantial real world change and to promote important industry-related issues.  

This year, Sinclair Public Affairs has successfully executed numerous Independent Expenditure Campaigns on behalf of our corporate clients. If you are interested in updating your campaign efforts, our trained staff at Sinclair is here to help. Contact Sinclair Public Affairs at [email protected]

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