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Crafting Messages Through Visual Storytelling: An Interview with Neil Kammerman

Neil Kammerman, a seasoned professional with 25+ years in communication and media, is the Founder and President of The NAK Group. With a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Film, he shapes communication strategies for corporations and organizations, influencing public opinion and legislation. As the President of The Good Works Company, a non-profit focused on positive change, Neil collaborates strategically with Sinclair PA for impactful results. In this interview, Neil Kammerman provides insight into the art of effectively creating visual messages to tell client’s stories.


What inspired you to enter this field and what motivates you to stick with it?
I’m inspired by folks whose stories I have the honor of sharing with other people. I stick with it because I’ve seen the impact of telling inspiring stories.

How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5 years?
Digital technology has revolutionized the industry and given a lot more people the opportunity to share their ideas – I think that will continue to accelerate over the years.

What current industry trend do you think will have the biggest impact in the long run?
The power of video. It makes a huge difference in all types of campaigns.

How do you ensure your work stands out in such a competitive market?
I’m a firm believer that high quality and creativity will always shine through.

What is one thing that you wish clients knew about your field, your role, and the process before working with you?
The amount of time and experience that goes into crafting a truly compelling story. It is not a short process, and any project always has several moving parts.

You have an abundance of experience working with candidates, corporations, public interest organizations, and associations to craft communication strategies and media that win campaigns, influence legislation, and protect brand reputation. What is your favorite part of your job, and why?
I love contributing to a campaign from the earliest stages of message development through writing scripts, producing, directing, and editing to achieve a final product that is true to the client, and its message which can move people.

Can you share one project that has been particularly memorable or special to you and why?
Having the opportunity through a few different clients to tell the stories of amazing non-profit organizations that make a difference and change people’s lives. Each project is special and it’s too hard to pick just one!

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