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Running for election? Pushing a ballot measure? Looking to expand reach? This can all be done through a dynamic campaign.

To be successful, plan everything – the goal, message, delivery, and analysis.


First, you’ll need to know what you want to accomplish through the campaign. If it’s an election, the answer is simple – you want to win.

But if you’re looking to expand your brand, it’s helpful to set milestones you’d like to meet or a certain size audience/following you’d like to build. Once your goal is set, our team at Sinclair can work with you to create a plan best suited to produce your desired outcome.


Next, you’ll want to design your message. What do you want to convey through this campaign? If you’re a candidate, you may want to promote your beliefs and values so constituents have a better idea of who you are.

Research is vital in determining what to say and how to say it. Conducting focus group is a sure-fire way to test what does and doesn’t work. Along with focus groups, polling allows you to collect data about different messaging ideas – data that can make your decision easier.

It’s vital that your messaging is consistent – pick a theme and stick to it. Take a slogan for example. If people encounter the same message over and over, and across platforms, than it’s more likely to stick in their minds and have an impact.

If you’re not seeing results, you can tweak your messaging based on the responses you’ve seen.


Once your message is complete, you can decide how you want to spread the content. A multi-pronged effort using traditional and digital media can capture a larger audience while targeting different segments.

In our tech-heavy world, social media is a must. Cover all your bases using the proper channels for your specific campaign. All posts should be designed to catch the eye and lead to some type of interaction.

Direct mail is another option, especially if your audience may be less digitally inclined. People check their mail frequently, and the physical connection makes it more likely they remember your message.

TV ads are a vital piece of the puzzle. Running targeted 15, 30, or 60 second ads can further your brand and ensure the message is received.


To ensure your campaign’s success, you must monitor its performance. At Sinclair, we have the tools and know-how to track sentiment and engagement across digital platforms, making sure that your message is hitting its mark.

If you’re not satisfied, go back to the drawing board and see what didn’t work (and get rid of it) and what did work (and build on it). You may not get it right the first time, but there’s always room for improvement.

At Sinclair, we have an experienced team who has worked on a variety of campaigns, and can create an effort specifically tailored for your business or association in order to accomplish the goals you set.

Need help with a branding, traditional or issue campaign? Sinclair can help.

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