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Paid Digital Media: Trusted Strategy, Proven Results

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Gone are the days of cookie cutter promotion tactics that target the generalized masses with one generic angle. With the rise of social media and the 24 hour new cycle, personalized content has become crucial to catch the public’s attention amid the noise. Paid digital marketing is a strategy that allows companies to reach their key markets in a way that caters to the unique needs of each audience type, expands brand reach, and generates increased website traffic.

Successful marketing in today’s digital age is contingent on a company’s understanding and implementation of ever changing trends. Unfortunately, if you are not consistently ahead of the curve, then you run the risk of falling behind and hindering your long-term success. Business owners who adapt and use the latest marketing techniques, such as paid digital efforts, can better ensure their market relevance over their counterparts. 

Sinclair Public Affairs partners with our clients to produce strategic and influential paid digital advertising campaigns. Through our experience, our team has witnessed first hand the difference paid media efforts can make for a brand, organization or even public initiative.  

What is Paid Digital… and How Does it Work? 

Paid media is a marketing method by which organizations, businesses and initiatives can promote their content through sponsored social media posts, display ads, paid search results, video ads, pop-ups, and other promoted multimedia. Paid digital media is an effective tactic that allows you to expand your brand reach, get more clicks, generate more traffic, and grow your relationship with your audience.

Relationship Building Tool

With the rise of social media and the 24 hour news cycle, personalized content has become crucial to catch the public’s attention amid the noise. Paid digital marketing is a strategy that allows companies to reach their key market in a way that caters to the unique needs of each audience type. Employing paid digital efforts to target the right users in the right way fosters a trusted relationship between your consumers and your brand. The targeted customizability of paid digital opens doors for your brand to engage an array of key audiences, while positioning you as an accessible and reliable resource for your consumers. 

Data Driven & Measurable Results

The incessant influx and consumption of media that exists in today’s digital age can make it difficult to get your company’s message heard organically. Paid media serves as a reliable method for promoting content and driving exposure that can be tracked, measured and adjusted the instant the campaign drops. This insight allows you to further customize your content through strategic, data driven adjustments, such as identifying where your target audience is the most active and engaged with your brand.  

Still not convinced? Check out how Sinclair Public Affairs has elicited real world results for our clients via paid digital campaigns: 

Sinclair PA’s 2021 Annual Impact Report is a comprehensive document that encompasses all the measurable data elicited for clients over the 2021 year – including notable paid advertising stats. Click the button above to check out the report!

Sinclair PA facilitates paid advertising for our clients, by utilizing various mass media channels to tell a client’s story to a robust and targeted audience. This may include anything from targeted digital ads and peer-peer texting to direct mail, television, radio and print ads.

Targeted Digital Ad Stats 

Over 17 thousand views

Over 1 million impressions

15 thousand site visitors 

For this campaign, Sinclair PA team created a website that connected voters via paid digital advertising, targeted social media and direct mail. Our team designed a series of advertisements that aired on digital newsletters and newspapers. The campaign proved a resounding success – 73% of Raleigh voters cast their ballots in favor of the $80 Affordable Housing Bond, and was the largest investment in affordable housing in the city in over two decades.

2021 Peer-Peer Texting Campaign Stats 

Over 95 thousand texts sent and delivered to custom audience lists, intentionally catered for each client and their unique audiences. 

When partnering with clients on independent expenditure campaigns, like the South Carolina Association of REALTORS®, Sinclair PA recommends a comprehensive and custom outreach campaign that usually includes a blend of paid digital, phone calls, texting and direct mail pieces.

Digital Advertising

For the South Carolina Association of REALTOR’S® 2021 Independent Expenditure campaign, the Sinclair PA team designed a series of digital ads for each of the candidates and distributed them, targeting potential voters in the area. Overall, the digital ads for all of the candidates combined resulted in 989,770 impressions. 

Final Outcome

The comprehensive outreach campaign paired new media methods of paid digital advertising with traditional PR outreach methods, such as direct mail and phone campaigns, to ensure successful campaign outcomes.

If you are interested in updating your paid advertising efforts, our trained staff at Sinclair is here to help. Contact Sinclair Public Affairs at [email protected]

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