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Have you ever wondered why some websites, blogs or social media accounts gain more traction and engagement than others? Or why some consumer products are purchased over and over again compared to the same products made by different brands? In today’s digital world, where online users have thousands of messages flooding their screens each day, building a strong and recognizable brand is key for any business to succeed. It all starts with brand consistency. 

What is brand consistency? 

Brand consistency is a marketing concept where companies deliver similar words and graphics to their audience, repeatedly exposing them to the same messages and recognizable colors. On the visual side, this means designing logos, headers and images with the same colors and fonts each time. With regards to writing, a business wants to use the same tone and reiterate the same themes in order for their messaging to best resonate with their audience. According to a study by LucidPress in 2019, “81% of companies deal with off-brand content,” a major factor hindering their growth and success. 

Why does brand consistency matter? 

When businesses output consistent messages, they are more likely to be remembered and recognized by their online audiences. If the face of the company is visually coherent, the business demonstrates that they are well put together. A TextMetrics article also says that brand consistency sets a brand apart from its competitors, even allowing it to excel as an industry leader. The LucidPress study found that “companies would experience a 33% increase in overall growth if they maintained consistent messaging.”

Brand consistency wins the trust of an online audience over by reiterating consistent messages as viewers come to understand the brand’s mission and values on a more personal level. Consumers are more likely to buy or invest in a company whose values align with their own. They also feel more comfortable buying a product when they know what satisfaction to expect from it each time. Because 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious, according to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, offering a consistent image helps a brand “sell a feeling” more so than the product itself. Therefore, brand consistency helps build a relationship, based on trust and loyalty, between a business and its buyers. 

Sinclair Public Affairs carefully advises its clients on branding, emphasizing brand consistency as a significant factor in any political campaign. These foundations of high-level marketing are particularly important when taking a wide-reaching campaign and adapting to local districts, which will be explored in more depth next week. Ultimately, brand consistency is important to establishing a brand’s identity, building trust with an audience, and consequently driving up sales. 

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