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Everybody has a story to tell, but our team at Sinclair can ensure yours is heard loud and clear above the others.


Social Media

Social networks – particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – are vital to telling stories in today’s tech-centric society.

At Sinclair, we can help you establish a presence on these platforms to spread your message and build your following. We assign a team member who will be dedicated to managing your accounts which includes creating content, scheduling posts, and analyzing performance.

We utilize technology, analytics, and other metrics to measure social performance, and to shift our strategy if you aren’t getting the results you want.

Check out our work with Marsy’s Law for NC (Facebook and Twitter) and the Kentucky Credit Union League (Facebook and Twitter) to see what we’re capable of on social media.

Media Relations

Even with its prevalence, social media is not the end all, be all of spreading your message. Traditional news still matters, and our team has the know how and experience to tell your story both in print and online news outlets.

We’ve spent decades cultivating relationships with reporters, and know how to work with them to ensure your story is told the way you want it to be. Pitching a story and hooking a reporter takes work, but we have the skills to show them the importance of your story, and why they should write a longer piece.

At Sinclair, we have an extensive media list with both local and national contacts. We’re easily able to send statements and press releases to thousands of reporters, and keep a close eye on open rates, click-thrus and more.

Whenever a story is published, we’re able to run sentiment analysis to see how you’re viewed by both the media, social media, and the general public. This allows our team to see what’s working, what’s not, and what we can do differently.

Strategic Communication

We use targeted direct mail and digital ads to ensure your story reaches your entire audience, not just those who frequent news sites or social media.

Direct mail is still an effective and important part of any strategic communications plan. Mail creates a personal connection with the recipient that other platforms do not. Recipients physically touch the mail, read the piece, and can keep it around for later.

People are spending more time on their phones than ever, which makes digital ads vital to our messaging efforts. We’re able to place them in videos, on Facebook, or as sponsored messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Both digital ads and direct mail allow for more creativity – whether it’s using eye-catching designs or captivating taglines. We have the design experience to make a product that will resonate with your targets.

Need to boost your message? Call us today for a free consultation.

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