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News never stops, and neither do we. At Sinclair, we’re ready and waiting to help you, no matter your situation.


Stay on Top of Crisis

Crisis can strike at any moment for a business and organization – making it vital to have a plan before this occurs. Social media and the 24/7 news cycle can heighten a crisis and quickly damage or destroy your reputation.

Our team will help carefully craft your message – your messaging has to be sound, particularly in a crisis. We will ensure the story you are telling is consistent, powerful, and true to your brand.

Branding is key to averting crisis, or mitigating it once it occurs. If you’ve established trust with your audience, navigating a tough situation will be easier than if the relationship was strained or nonexistent. Social media is an important way to establish this relationship.

At Sinclair, we can manage your social presence and connect to your audience – interacting with them and showing the human side of your business or organization.

When there is a crisis, our full-service team is prepared to act fast and effectively. We help clients quickly prepare a preliminary response and develop a long-term plan for dealing with the situation.

Push Your Message

You’ll want to stay in the news – whether you’re going through a crisis or not. Our team can ensure you break through the noise, by utilizing social media and capitalizing on our relationships with reporters and media outlets.

Before making posts or contacting reporters, we will plan a message that best suits your organization. We can test the message with focus groups – making the process of picking the best choice simple.

We have an expansive database of media contacts to go along with relationships cultivated in several decades of work. A wide range of contacts guarantees your message will be seen, and that your story will be told.

Having these relationships is vital in a crisis. We can contact the right people so you can proactively manage your situation.

At Sinclair, we develop strategic communications plans – social media, digital ads, earned media, and more – to ensure the most compelling story is the one you’re telling.

Monitor the News

With nonstop news, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or even lost in the shuffle.

Our team uses experience and technology to monitor coverage of your company to gauge both reach and sentiment. We can see who is writing about you, what they are saying, and how the public and media influencers are reacting.

Our reports include lists of stories across media outlets, blogs, and social media, along with coverage and sentiment broken down into handy and easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

This data can help us understand what’s working and what needs to be changed. For example, if the sentiment toward your story is negative, why is that and what can we do to positively influence public opinion?

If you’re not prepared, a crisis – propelled by news and social media – can quickly unravel your brand and reputation.

We can make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way. Call us today at 919-803-3700 for a free consultation.

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