For those of you who know me and my former firm, you may be wondering why the change from Cornerstone Solutions to Sinclair Public Affairs?  Simply put, it’s my name. I’m in the business of reputations, brand integrity and public affairs, and the time has come to build something new on my own name brand that I have worked tirelessly to create.

My name is all I have in this business. A name I have spent over 20 years building—developing a brand, and earning a nationally-recognized reputation by using my skills to help clients around the country to advance causes, change perceptions, win elections, and impact public policy. In the world of public opinion, organizations (and the people who run them) sink or swim on perception, reputation, communication, and brand recognition.  When any of these are impacted, massive change can occur—from loss of business to outright condemnation.

A name and reputation in business is just as important as the product or service a company offers. Protection is paramount. Something I understand fully, which is ultimately what has driven me to form a new company that leverages my skills and fundamental understanding of brand awareness, reputation and public affairs on behalf of a broader client base.

While I have spent a large part of my career in the political world, I will no longer be running candidate campaigns. However, politics is in everything, especially in the corporate world. I will apply the same skills and tactics I learned running successful candidate campaigns to the services I now offer to corporate, organizational and business clients. Some of the specific areas of focus we provide include the following:

  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Management
  • Campaign/Issue Management
  • Integrated Situation Management

While there is nothing new or revolutionary in the services themselves—there seems to be a new firm popping up every day in North Carolina—what sets us apart is a reputation for results. My name is what sets us apart. When clients hire Sinclair, they get me.  They get access to the relationships I have developed over the past 20 plus years; my proven track record of making sure my clients come out ahead; my personal experiences in crisis management; and my unique skill sets in crafting and delivering effective messages.

So sure, you could hire any firm that offers similar services, but you won’t get the same results. What makes us different is our name, our reputation and our brand—something no one else can claim.

Welcome to Sinclair.

Chris Sinclair


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