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Monitoring your business’ media coverage is a vital step in controlling the narrative.


Measure Your Impact

When you monitor media coverage, you can view how many outlets are covering your story, and how many readers those outlets are reaching.

You can see all stories and coverage, whether it’s in print, online, on a blog, or social media. If you’re unhappy with your reach, you can pinpoint where your coverage is lacking. This could be specific media outlets you’d like to have cover your story, or on social media or blogs.

Once you have this information, target those outlets and platforms. Call or email the outlets and make them aware of your story.

Measuring reach and impressions helps your business stay on top of your campaign’s performance. Your story needs to be heard, and if it’s not, you can revise your current plan and find areas for improvement.

Manage Sentiment Analysis

In any campaign, public perception is key. Media drives public opinion, so it’s vital to know what is being said about your business or organization.

Sentiment analysis allows you to see whether news coverage is positive, negative, or neutral.

This information allows you to:

  • Build on positive messaging and emphasize those points
  • Pinpoint negatives and devise a strategy to combat those narratives
  • See what outlets are more in your favor or in opposition

If certain coverage is more negative, you can contact those outlets and discuss the specific stories. This creates a dialogue between your business and the reporter that can help ensure coverage is fair and that your entire story is heard.

Make a note of the positive coverage – this can be used as highlights to push in your messaging whether through your website, blog, or social media. You can also share articles with a more positive tone – the more positive publicity, the better. 

Stay Up to Date

Media monitoring should be a priority for your business.

Keep an eye on the news regularly. Checking daily will ensure you are aware of the latest developments and allow you to respond accordingly.

Media monitoring is perfect for preparing for or responding to a crisis situation. By tracking the news, you can react quickly to negative press. Monitoring technology allows you to receive alerts when you’re mentioned in a story. Features like this are vital in a crisis – you can immediately get to work on a response plan.

Monitoring is beneficial for spotting positive press as well. You can view the latest articles and use them in your own communications. A positive mention could quickly be turned into social media content or a blog post.

If you aren’t monitoring media coverage, your business could miss out on these opportunities.

At Sinclair, we have the technology to efficiently monitor the media so you can stay on top of your business’ coverage. We can help take your communications to another level.

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