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At Sinclair, we can help you accomplish your goals, no matter what they may be. We do this through – media relations, issue management, branding, crisis communications and public affairs.

Media Relations

Through decades of work, we’ve cultivated relationships with the media that have enabled us to effectively tell our clients’ stories. We understand that news still matters, and that to have your voice heard, you must be part of the story

Our media lists are extensive, and allow us to target individuals who can relay your message to an audience. We can easily distribute press releases to state and national media, but we know that’s just a small part of media relations. 

We know how to work with reporters to ensure your story is told how you want it to be – this requires persistence and a dedicated effort, something our team is more than capable of.

Issue Management

No matter the issue, our team is ready to create and implement a plan to manage your situation. 

Using data, technology, digital and traditional media, and relationships, we can carry out strategic communications to help you succeed – whether that’s passing legislation, raising awareness on an issue, or shifting public opinion.

For example, we successfully placed Marsy’s Law for NC – a victims’ rights amendment – on the ballot in 2018, which passed with 62 percent approval, the highest of the six up for vote. 

View the Marsy’s Law case study to see how we worked for two years to pass the legislation.


With the 24/7 news cycle and prevalence of social media, brands can be boosted or destroyed quickly. At Sinclair, we consider target audience perception and motivation in creating brand narratives that ensure the most compelling story being told is the one you’re telling.

We have experience in establishing and strengthening brands by: implementing social media and digital ad campaigns, creating effective logos, taglines and landing pages, and targeting specific audiences and media outlets.

Working with the Credit Union National Association in Kentucky, we created and established a brand for the Kentucky Credit Union League that cemented the organization as a trusted partner with the state. 

In the coming weeks, we will release a case study explaining how we created and executed our plan for the League.

Crisis Communications

Crisis can strike in an instant, and we can help you respond. But our team can also prepare you for a crisis situation before it happens. This includes engaging with your audience, being transparent in communications, and monitoring how you’re perceived in the media and by the public.

We are able to act quickly and efficiently in navigating a crisis. As soon as you call, we begin working on a plan – creating talking points, preparing statements, responding to media inquiries, and monitoring perception and sentiment.

Crises can be managed quickly, but some take time to work through. We closely monitor sentiment from both media stories and the public, and analyze and shift our plan accordingly. 

Public Affairs

Public Affairs is integral in all that we do at Sinclair. We understand relationships and perception and successfully leverage both to position our clients and leaders as frontrunners by widening their influence in government, business and in the public eye.

We pride ourselves on fostering relationships, whether it’s in the media, political or business sectors – relationships that can enhance the status and reputation of our clients, while expanding their influence.

Managing perception goes hand in hand with both crisis communications and branding. We’re able to monitor sentiment about our clients, to see how they’re viewed by the public and media. We keep an eye on perception, which allows us to protect the reputations of the companies we work for.

Think we can help you accomplish your goals? Call us today for a free consultation.

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